Referral & Broker Program

Opportunities for Growth in Our Referral and Broker Program

At Royalty Business Lending, we are open to all types of referrals and brokers. Through our referral and broker program, we invite you to preview a transaction with us. We have an upfront fee disclosure policy on commitment letters and fund loans expediently after closing.

Here are some of the benefits we offer for referrals and brokers:

  • A Commitment to continuing relationships with brokers and referrals
  • Generous commissions and referral fees for funded agreements that we fund regardless of project size
  • An active practice of reciprocal referrals
  • Solid protection for referrals and brokers

Are You a Good Fit?

Sales positions are available with Royalty Business Lending all over the United States. Employment with us offers many advantages which include:

  • Skilled and professional colleagues who are focused on helping your clients and vendors locate financing
  • Quality of life which includes our commitment to your professional development and being able to work anywhere
  • A company that offers high quality, versatile lending options, and resources to get your clients funded with a quick turnaround time

People who are a good match for our company are:

  • Organized so that you can seamlessly guide the customer through the financing sales process and provide full customer service through sales follow through
  • Friendly and personable so that people feel comfortable around you and communicate well with you
  • Motivated to do your best at whatever you set your mind to achieve
  • Confident so your natural sales abilities shine and you are able to handle rejection

Contact Us

See what pulling our skills and resources together can do for the both of us. Contact Royalty Business Lending to get the details on various opportunities to work together. Your future can be brighter by working with us in our referral and broker program.