Purchase Order Financing to Optimize Your Business

Does lack of cash make it difficult for you to purchase the amount of presold goods that you would like? Royalty Business Lending can help you find a solution to that dilemma. We offer purchase order financing for finished goods and presold merchandise so you can pay your suppliers in a timely manner for merchandise that can grow your business. Imagine the increase in profits when you are able to source goods that can help you attract increased amounts of customers.

Purchase order financing is perfect for:

  • Wholesalers
  • Resellers
  • Producers
  • Distributors

Set yourself free to focus on expanding sales and managing your business when you have fast and flexible purchase order financing to pay for your finished goods. Royalty Business Lending can provide you with letters of credit for a wide variety of domestic, international, and work in progress purchases.

Here are some purchase order financing benefits:

  • Being able to fulfill large orders on a timely basis
  • The ability to grow your business without sacrificing equity or taking on increased bank debt
  • Expanding your ability to serve an increased share of the market
  • Boosting your profits with increased business

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