Use Cash to Grow Your Business

Merchant cash advances are the oil in the gears for many small businesses. They are a convenient alternative to small business loans that require a vast amount of paperwork and are hard to get. A merchant cash advance from Royalty Business Loans does not require perfect credit, and it gives you cash to buy inventory, advertising, equipment, or pursue expansion.

Our qualification approval process is quick, and you can have your funding within several days of application. The fluidity of this type of financing makes it a perfect solution for everything from operational expenses during slow seasons to business expansion to take advantage of market growth. Your cash advance is taken against your merchant credit card sales account and is funded with your future sales.

Merchant Cash Advance Advantages You Can Use

The advantages of this type of loan include:

  • No Application Fee, Closing Costs, Fixed Payments, or Equity Loss
  • No Collateral Required
  • Minimal Paperwork and Funds Arrive Quickly
  • Easy Payback Terms

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